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We have put together an informative leaflet for the general public, highlighting the availability and benefits of medical cannabis in the UK. This leaflet not only provides individuals with information on how to become a medical cannabis patient, but also includes a QR code linking to our website where patients can access a wide range of resources and a list of conditions eligible for a medical cannabis prescription.

Additionally, the UKMCPC conducted a survey, on March 2022, among patients in the community and found that they are spending on average £200 to £300 per month on their prescriptions. With the cheapest medical cannabis products on the market valued at £5/g and patients registered to Project 21 receiving a capped price of £5/g, we understand the importance of providing affordable and accessible options for medical cannabis patients.

To further our outreach and raise awareness of medical cannabis in the UK, we are proud to announce the Sanskara Roadshow. This traveling event will bring education and resources to communities across the country, and provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with medical cannabis clinics and pharmacies. With an estimated 1.2 million potential medical cannabis users in the UK, it is more important than ever to make sure everyone is aware of the benefits and availability of this alternative treatment option. We hope that our Roadshow will not only educate, but also inspire industry leaders to get involved and sponsor our mission to improve the lives of medical cannabis patients in the UK.

Check out the patient led directory and stock checker for medical cannabis products @ and find out information about UK medical cannabis clinics and pharmacies too.

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