Patient Access Schemes

There is plenty of support for patients who are struggling to get access to medical cannabis or for patients willing to provide support towards improving studies and helping to provide complete access to medical cannabis for all patients. Check out the schemes and projects that's are available and find clinics that support them.

Schemes, Projects & Foundations

There are many supportive schemes to help patients in the UK get better access to medical cannabis and to help the scientific research improve it's understanding of it's benefits and potential uses in medicine.

Here is are a few we put together:

Project Twenty21

This study observes patients of medical cannabis in the UK and gathers data on the benefits of medical cannabis on patient's treatment. Patients who apply to this study can receive medical cannabis products which are on the Project Twenty21 formulary at discounted prices.

Only certain clinics run this study so please check with the clinic you wish to receive treatment with.

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Sapphire Access Scheme via the UK Medical Cannabis Registry

Initially for the first 1000 patients who signed up the Sapphire Medical Clinic's Access Scheme, now it has no capacity yet stated. This scheme is run to help expand the study on the benefits of medical cannabis and to provide patients with reduced consultation costs for their contribution to the UK’s Medical Cannabis Registry and Real World Evidence data platform.

Sapphire also provide support to patients with their Sapphire Medical Foundation, where patients can see their treatment paid for with sponsorships.

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Grow Access Project

In collaboration with leading UK clinics, Grow Pharma have launched the Grow Open Access Initiative, a patient access programme, focused on providing patients with a simpler, faster, and more affordable access to cannabis medicines.

Patients on low income/means tested benefits or served in the armed forces will see a capped price on Grow Pharma Dried Flower products and discounts on Grow Pharma Oil products. They will also have a free initial consulation and reduced costs on follow-ups and repeat prescription fees.

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