The UK's medical cannabis landscape is evolving, and with it comes the need for greater awareness, education, and empowerment. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the UK's first-ever 'Medical Cannabis Roadshow' a groundbreaking initiative aimed at raising awareness, educating the public, healthcare professionals, and local authorities, and empowering medical cannabis patients.

The roadshow's foremost goal is to break stereotypes and misinformation surrounding medical cannabis. Our passionate volunteers will engage with the public, dispelling myths, and providing factual information about the benefits and responsible usage of medical cannabis. We believe that informed citizens make better decisions about their healthcare, and we are committed to spreading accurate knowledge about medical cannabis.

To promote safe and responsible use, the roadshow will host a series of informative sessions, designed to educate healthcare professionals about medical cannabis, its applications, and the latest research. These sessions will create a bridge of understanding, encouraging more doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to eligible patients, thus expanding access to effective treatments and expanding on real world data.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to empowering medical cannabis patients by providing them with essential information about their rights, access to medication, and guidelines on responsible use. Our goal is to ensure that patients have the confidence and knowledge to navigate their medical cannabis journey effectively, fostering a stronger patient-doctor relationship.

Despite being legal in the UK since November 2018, medical cannabis still faces a stigma that impedes its acceptance. The roadshow aims to normalise medical cannabis by fostering an open and inclusive dialogue. We strive to create an environment where patients can feel comfortable discussing their experiences and challenges without fear of judgment. This normalisation will lead to a more compassionate approach towards medical cannabis, reducing the barriers that patients face.



The success of the Medical Cannabis Roadshow hinges on the support of volunteers like you. If you are passionate about empowering patients, spreading awareness, and making a positive impact on the medical cannabis community, we encourage you to get involved. Volunteers will play a crucial role in helping us reach a broader audience and ensure the smooth running of the event. Your dedication will contribute significantly to the success of this transformative initiative.

The UK's first Medical Cannabis Roadshow promises to be a milestone event that will shape the future of medical cannabis in the country. Together, let's pave the way for a more informed, supportive, and compassionate approach to medical cannabis. By attending and participating, you are actively contributing to the advancement of patient rights and healthcare in the UK.

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