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You will find resources by patients, professionals and the government about medical cannabis in the UK.

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Verifying A Medical Cannabis Prescription

Verifying a patient is quite sensitive, especially if you are not correctly trained. If you are an employer, please obtain consent from your employee for them to provide their medical documents and this must be reviewed by a suitable qualified occupational health professional. If the Police are to verify a patient they will need to follow the steps shown here:

Patient Can Present:

  • Medical Cannabis in it's original packaging/container complete with the pharmacy dispensing label.

  • Letter from the prescribing clinician or a copy of the FP10 Prescription.

  • Recognised form of photo ID (Passport, Driving License or 'PASS' photo ID card).

Information for patients

Clinical letters can be obtained from your patient portal or by contacting your prescribing clinic for a copy.

FP10 Prescription can be obtained from your dispensing pharmacy by contacting the pharmacy, some pharmacies can supply a copy with every repeat.

It is highly recommended that documents are printed and kept alongside your medical cannabis prescription.

If you have any further questions regarding the proof required, please contact your prescribing clinic for advice.

Other forms of ID, such as a CanCard, is not accepted by law as a form of identifying a medical cannabis prescription and could still land patients in trouble if they do not present the documents stated above.

"I would like to confirm that the Home Office and Department of Health and Social Care do
not endorse the Cancard scheme, or any other third-party scheme that seeks to legitimise
the possession of illicitly obtained controlled drugs. There are already sufficient means for
an individual who is lawfully in possession of a CBPM to demonstrate legitimate medical
use. This includes proof of a prescription and ID, or furnishing the dispensing label
attached to the medicine.

Anyone who cannot furnish this information and claims to be using cannabis ‘medicinally’,
without a lawful prescription for CBPMs through the relevant supply route, is breaking the
law. Any patients who have concerns about the correct way to identify themselves as a
patient with a legal prescription for medicinal cannabis, may also wish to review the
guidance published on the entitled ‘Bringing medicine containing a controlled drug
into the UK’. This states that patients travelling with a medicine containing a controlled
drug will require a letter of proof from the prescriber." - J Rawlinson, Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries (Department of Health and Social Care)

Medical Cannabis and Employment

Employers should assess situations related to medical cannabis very carefully. The employee consent should be obtained and they should have their medical history investigated by a suitable and qualified occupational health professional. The employer will also need to assess the employees’ health and safety and that of other employees in the workplace. Employers should look to update their misuse of drugs and alcohol strategy as such employees may potentially be classed as disabled under the Equality Act.

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Here are some documents related to Medical Cannabis prescriptions and Employment Rights.

This is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. Please use this information to help you inform yourself and others about what the rights are for patients of medical cannabis according to offical documents.


Are you concerned about driving while medicating with cannabis? Our guide has been put together to provide support and to ease your mind about driving with cannabis prescription medication.

We are looking to further add to our outreach program and we intend to continue this until we are happy the entire UK is aware of it's benefits and availability.

Check out our A5 flyer that's been created to help the public understand about medical cannabis and provide information on how to get access.

This double sided flyer provides information about elegibility, how much you might expect to pay per month as a patient and some guidance on how to access medical cannabis privately.

We asked patients how much they would spend on average per month for their medication and was able to get significant results. We were able to determine that patients spend on average between £200 - £300 per month.

The cheapest available price for medical cannabis dried flower is £5/g and is also available to patients on Project 21.

Patient Rights

Here you will be able to find resources to help medical cannabis patients understand their rights and where they stand with their prescription. None of the resources provided is legal advice, if you seek legal advice please contact an experienced lawyer.

Travelling Abroad

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You can travel with your medical cannabis prescription to most countries. Check out what you need before travelling out of the UK with your prescription cannabis.

A-Z of Cannabis

Here you will be able to find resources to help medical cannabis patients understand their rights and where they stand with their prescription. None of the resources provided is legal advice, if you seek legal advice please contact an experienced lawyer.

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