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Medical Cannabis & Housing

Patients should not be discriminated for their use of medical cannabis. As long as patients are consuming their medication as directed by their prescribing doctor, they are well within their rights to consume their medication where and whenever the patient deems necessary.

What Do I Do?

If you were prescribed any other medication you would not usually be required to inform your landlord that you will be consuming that medication. This is the same with medical cannabis, you should not be discriminated nor should you be made to feel as though you are consuming cannabis illicitly.

There is a fine definition between self-prescribing cannabis and a legitimate cannabis prescription. Self-prescribing illicit cannabis does not give you the same rights as someone who is within the law and is prescribed cannabis, a prescribed patient can vape their cannabis dried flower indoors whereas illicit use does not allow for this.

If you are challenged by your landlord or housing association, remind them of the Equality Act 2010 and if they continue to discriminate please contact a housing solicitor or Citizen's Advice for further support.

Patient Story

A medical cannabis patient says he feels he is being “forced out” of his hometown as a result of unfair discrimination by local authorities.

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