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At Sanskara, we believe that patients are the key to understanding and advancing the use of medical cannabis. Our team is made up of patients and advocates who have real-world experience and a deep passion for the benefits of cannabis. We understand that patients have unique insights and perspectives that are essential in shaping the future of medical cannabis.

Our approach is simple: we listen to patients, observe their experiences, and embrace their passion for medical cannabis. Through our ongoing engagement with the patient community, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and stories that inform our work. We have observed the successes and challenges of other patients and nations, and have patiently waited for the opportunity to make a difference in our own country.

Sanskara Brand Manifesto
The Sanskara Platform's Brand Manifesto.

Our love and passion for medical cannabis is deeply shared within our growing community. We believe that it is our duty to educate, improve, develop and raise awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis. We aim to challenge outdated stereotypes and beliefs, and to help the nation understand and listen to the voices of our vulnerable patients who significantly benefit from medical cannabis.

Our goal is to improve standards and access to medical cannabis in the UK, and to empower patients to have a voice in shaping the future of medical cannabis. With a patient-centred approach, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Sanskara is a not for profit, we continue our achievements by receiving funding and voluntary support from our team, the public and from the private sector. With a few growing patients and advocates volunteering to support Sanskara, we hope to continue growing this family to continue supporting the UK Medical Cannabis community.

Who Runs This?

Mohammad Ismail "Ish" Wasway - Founder & Managing Director

I am a medical cannabis patient and founder of The Sanskara Platform. I have been consuming cannabis for over a decade and have seen firsthand the positive impact it can have on one's health and well-being.

I am a mixed British White and Bangladeshi, I come from a conservative Muslim household and have faced discrimination and stigma for my use of medical cannabis. However, my personal experiences have only fuelled my passion for cannabis reform and advocacy.

I am committed to spreading awareness about the positive effects of medical cannabis and dispelling the misconceptions and prejudice that have long surrounded its use. I am an ex-weed dealer turned medical cannabis patient and advocate, and have undergone a transformative journey that has led me to become a powerful voice in the fight for cannabis reform in the UK.

I am honoured to be a face of The Sanskara Platform, and I will continue to use my platform to raise awareness and improve the lives of others.

Shazia Elahi - Volunteer Product & Strategy Manager

I told my GP I was unable to sleep and was immediately prescribed Prozac. With very little guidance, I took my first dose and by day 2 I was experiencing tremors, suicidal thoughts and extreme anxiety. Terrified, I stopped taking the medication and decided to treat my depression naturally; however, during the pandemic I succumbed to trying something else - Sertraline. By this point, I was suffering from C-PTSD and suicidal thoughts. I battled the horrible side effects of having this drug in my system, and immediately stopped taking them after the sheer exhaustion of not being able to sleep because of them. Nobody tells you that you’re not supposed to suddenly stop taking antidepressants. 

I also struggled a lot at university. I couldn’t focus, I forgot deadlines, I struggled to learn the way others learned. I am highly intelligent, but I left university feeling like a failure. Undiagnosed ADHD is so much more than just being “distracted”, it can be frustrating, lonely and paralysing at times. I smoked cannabis for years on and off and finally decided to get a prescription; however, I couldn’t accept that my usage was genuinely medicinal. Beneath my apparent struggles, were layers of cultural shame and fear, which kept me from speaking up. I am a British born Pakistani, and even though cannabis grows in abundance back in Pakistan, my “izzat” (self-respect) is questioned by the wider community in fear of the shame that I could bring. With no representation of other users like me in the industry, I feared going public.

What many don’t know is that prescription medicinal cannabis has drastically changed the quality of my life. 

Today, I volunteer my services to Sanskara as a Product Consultant so that people like me, women and those within the BAME community who self-medicate with cannabis, can access a legal prescription without shame, fear or feelings of guilt.

Sal Aziz - Volunteer HR & Governance Manager

For a number of years I tried conventional medications for my anxiety and depression without success, however in March 2023 I began a prescription for medical cannabis with great success. I joined The Sanskara Platform to raise awareness of the legality of my medication and to support patients after being arrested and facing a number of incidents of discrimination. Outside of Sanskara I work for a number of NHS organisations and hold a number of additional roles includng EDI Champion, Wellbeing Buddy and Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Response Volunteer. I am a mixed British White and Pakistani. In my spare time I enjoy watching, volunteering or competing at motorsport events, and I am currently learning Welsh. (Dw i'n hapus i siarad Cymraeg!)

Barry Studd - Volunteer Advocate & CBD Specialist

I have been a part of the cannabis industry for 5 years. Part of a husband and wife team co owning a CBD company based in the South East. I have experience and knowledge in health nutrition and supplementation. Being a keen bodybuilder, I've formulated my own products over the course of 10 years and also own a sports nutrition and supplement brand. I have great understanding in cannabis derived products and advocates its uses in medicine and those who can benefit from its use to improve the quality of everyday life.

I am a Birtish White and Filipino who comes from a health care background with nearly 20 years of experience as a social worker and senior care management. Before opening my first CBD store in Kent with my wife, I've worked as a care director that specialised in many health care services.

Diana Studd - Volunteer Advocate & CBD Specialist

I have been involved in the cannabis industry now for 5 years. As one of the co owners of a CBD company based in the south east, i've become very much a part of our community in helping people in their well-being journeys. A passionate advocate for wellbeing and mental health that believes how much one can benefit with supplementation of cannabis derived products.

I am Spanish-Filipina coming from a health care background with vast knowledge and experience as a dental nurse and practice management, I have quickly fulfilled my position in running our flagship store in Kent with my husband.

Topics We Are Working On


Patient Outreach

We have been working hard to reach out to cannabis naive patients as well as provide support to those currently benefiting from cannabis.



Public Awareness

November 2018 was when medical cannabis was legalised. It is still not accepted and understood. We will continue to provide support and information for the general public and help them understand medical cannabis.


Public Services

Collecting information and data to help guide the police in understanding medical cannabis and how to engage with patients of medical cannabis in the UK. Providing them with the correct government guidance and laws as well as criticising them for their work on cannabis in the UK.


Industry Support

Providing support to the industry and collaborating with producers to establish and develop and trusted relationship and help lead the industry to high and positive standard for patients.

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