Cannabis History

A library of educational information on the history of cannabis.

Unveiling the Rich History of Cannabis in China

Introduction Dive into the captivating world of cannabis as we embark on a historical journey through China’s profound relationship with this remarkable plant. In this extensively researched blog post, we explore the multifaceted history of cannabis in China. From ancient origins to its resurgence in modern medicine, we uncover its cultural significance, medicinal applications, and …

Unveiling the Rich History of Cannabis in China Read More »

Bhang and indian milk drink infused with cannabis in a glass on a tray, surrounded by colourful spices and cannabis leaves.

Ancient Roots of Cannabis in India

The historical significance of cannabis in ancient India resonates even today. Spiritual and cultural associations with cannabis persist among communities, including the Sadhus (holy men) in India, who incorporate cannabis into their spiritual practices.

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