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You may carry medication to Spain if it has been prescribed by a doctor, bought legally in the United Kingdom, it is for your own use and for the rational dosage which you may require for your trip.             

The maximum quantity in any case is the equivalent for 3 months treatment.              

We advice you to travel with your doctor’s letter and/or a copy of the prescription and to take the medication in the original packaging. Always carry medicines and medical equipment (needles, syringes and so on) in their original, correctly labelled packages. Carry your medicine in your hand luggage (although check your airline’s regulations before travelling) with a copy of your prescription. (for the UK).  

Bear in mind that, although you may carry medication as mentioned above, a personal license may be needed to take controlled medicines abroad. If due to your treatment you are travelling with medication which contains a substance under international control, you are required to obtain previous authorization by the Spanish Medicines Agency.  

To confirm whether a particular substance is under special control, you should check with the mentioned Agency. You can request it by e-mail at            

In your application you must include: country of origin, length of your trip, trip start and end date, patient’s data (name, surnames, date and place of birth, ID or passport number) and address where you going to stay.  

You should also provide an official medical certificate (signed and stamped) containing: doctor registration number, the reasons for the treatment, dosage, international nonproprietary name of the prescribed drug, concentration of active substance, total quantity, and that information which may be relevant. All the documents you send need to have PDF format.              

Necessary Details

– Email the Spanish Medicines Agency –  

– Provide information for the following:  
Country of origin
Length of your trip Trip start Trip end date
Patient’s name
Patient’s surnames
Date of birth
Place of birth ID or passport number
Address where you going to stay  

– Take rational dosage which you may require for your trip or the maximum quantity equivalent to 3 months treatment  

– Provide an official medical certificate (signed and stamped) containing:  
Doctor registration number
Reasons for the treatment
Dosage International nonproprietary name of the prescribed drug
Concentration of active substance
Total quantity Information which may be relevant  

– All the documents you send need to be in PDF format.  

Contact Details/Documents


Medical: Decriminalised

Recreational: Decriminalised

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