Patient Focus Group Information Sheet

The Sanskara Platform would like to invite you to take part in the Sanskara Patient Focus Group. Before you decide you need to understand why this focus group is being setup and what it would involve for you. Please take time to read the following information carefully. Send your questions to if anything you read is not clear or if you would like more information. Take time to decide whether or not to take part.

Who We Are And What This Group Is About

The Sanskara Platform is a patient led advocacy, research and consultancy company who aim to further the advancements in the understanding and practice of medical cannabis. Our purpose it to create opportunities for medical cannabis patients to take part in making changes that will benefit the entire community.

We have taken on this opportunity to provide medical cannabis patients a chance to change the course of how we are prescribed medical cannabis and drive progress in patient treatments. We aim to ask participants how their experience with medical cannabis treatments has been as well as how they feel about the way their products are prescribed and the information available to them.

What Will Taking Part Involve?

As a participant of the Patient Focus Group you will be required to take part in questionnaires, interviews and surveys in regards to your medical cannabis treatment and the way in which you receive the products you are prescribed.

The interviews will be conducted using the Zoom App, video use is optional.

We aim to also provide participants with incentives for helping to advance the research for medical cannabis in the UK. This will mostly be paid incentives although we may offer other rewarding incentives that shall benefit medical cannabis patients.

Why Have I Been Invited To Take Part?

You have been invited to take part in the Sanskara Patient Focus Group because you are over 18 and in receipt of a medical cannabis treatment in the United Kingdom.

Do I Have To Take Part?

Participating in the Patient Focus Group is completely voluntary, you may choose to opt-out at any time, although this may affect your incentives for any active research studies.

What Are The Possible Risks & Benefits Of Taking Part?

Taking part in the Sanskara Patient Focus Group can have implications on participants health, especially if they are triggered by issues they may have in regards to their treatment. We aim to provide as much support and respect to all participants and we will do our best to ensure all participants are treated equally.

The benefits of taking part in the focus group is that we can voice our concerns as patients as well as be part of change for the better of the entire medical cannabis patient community.

Will Taking Part Be Confidential?

All participants will be kept secure and no personal data will be shared with any third-party individuals or organisations. We will not be sharing personal data with any reports made from our research studies and be anonymously publishing them to our partners.

Confidentiality will only be broken if the researcher has a strong belief that there is a serious risk of harm or danger to either the participant or another individual (e.g. physical, emotional or sexual abuse, concerns for child protection, rape, self-harm, suicidal intent or criminal activity) or if a serious crime has been committed.

Non-anonymised data in the form of signed consent forms and audio recordings are collected and retained as part of the research process.

How Will My Information I Provide Be Recorded, Stored & Protected?

We will be keeping all participants data on a secure offline database and each participant will be provided with a randomised identification number.

Each interview will be recorded differently and information in regards to how the interview is recorded will be supplied on the individual study Participant Information Sheet.

Signed consent forms and any original audio recordings will be retained on a secure offline database until the Focus Group dissolves. A transcript of interviews in which all identifying information has been removed will be retained for a further three years after this. Under freedom of information legalisation you are entitled to access the information you have provided at any time. Please contact for further information.

What Will Happen To The Results Of The Studies?

We will be writing up reports, suppling educational packages and/or using the information to provide consultations to The Sanskara Platform's trusted partners. Partners involved in each research project will be identified to you and they may be given reports from the group's research studies but any information provided will be anonymised to protect all participants.

Who Should I Contact For Further Information?

Please contact if you have any further questions regarding the Sanskara Patient Research Group, use the subject "Focus Group Help" or click the email link above.

Thank You!

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