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Using my medical cannabis outside of Devon & Cornwall Police Headquarters

Sanskara and Seed our Future Begin Work with Local Police

In August 2023 I was relaxing by the seafront in Plymouth with my sister on what should have been a pleasant day. Instead, around 10 minutes after taking my medication, two police officers arrived who refused to accept my medication was legal and proceeded to detain me for 6 hours. Following my arrest I realised just how widespread the challenges facing medical cannabis patients were and decided to join The Sanskara Platform. 

After my release, Devon & Cornwall Police admitted they were “ill equipped to deal with patients lawfully in possession of cannabis”. I liaised with the Diverse Community and Serious Organised Crime Branches where they have confirmed the force are implementing a number of packages, including training for frontline police officers in being able to identify genuine medicinal cannabis patients and clarification that a medical cannabis card is not required. 

Despite the implementation of these packages, there are still a number of challenges that remain for medical cannabis patients, one such example is driving. Devon & Cornwall Police advised “If a positive test is obtained it is likely to lead to the arrest and detention of the driver on suspicion of being ‘unfit to drive through drink or drugs (S.5 RTA)’. Not until the individual has been through the ‘police custody experience’ would any lawfully defence such as a prescription be considered.”

Devon & Cornwall Police were open for further engagement on these challenges, so I got in contact with Guy Coxall from Seed our Future. Guy is a court expert on Cannabis and the Road Traffic Act, and lead author on the Cannabis Industry Council guidance on Cannabis and Driving. He was very happy to join the discussions. I got back in touch with the force and a meeting was arranged at their Headquarters in Exeter on 4th January 2024. 

At the meeting we were joined by a number of stakeholders from Devon & Cornwall Police including a Drug Expert Witness, Diverse Communities Officer, Road Traffic Officer and Drug Impairment Lead. Guy did a presentation on the Road Traffic Act and Swab Tests which generated a number of interesting discussions. In addition we touched on a number of other issues facing medical cannabis patients such as discrimination and hate crime risk, and employees of the force using their medication.

We also received a number of interesting updates including the training package Devon & Cornwall Police developed being shared with 18 police forces, and processes being put in place so people in police custody can use their legally prescribed medication. Devon & Cornwall Police will share a report on their work so far.

In the end we didn’t have time to discuss all points, and I think we all came away with more questions than answers! But the day set a foundation for future work with Devon & Cornwall Police, and The Sanskara Platform and Seed Our Future will continue to work with the Force to address these issues. Our hope is that this work will continue to spread beyond Devon and Cornwall across the UK for the benefit of all patients.

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The Sanskara Platform CIC Appointed UK Representative to IACM Patients Council

Empowering Patients Worldwide

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for The Sanskara Platform CIC – our recent appointment as the UK representative to the International Alliance for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) Patients Council. This prestigious position marks a new chapter in our commitment to advocating for patient rights and fostering collaboration on a global scale.

About IACM Patients Council

The IACM Patients Council is a dynamic coalition of patient organisations from around the world. Its primary objective is to provide a unified voice for patients in the rapidly evolving landscape of medicinal cannabis. By working collectively, these organisations aim to safeguard the rights and interests of patients and ensure their perspectives are integral to the ongoing developments in medicinal cannabis.

Our Role as the UK Representative

As the UK representative to the IACM Patients Council, The Sanskara Platform CIC is honoured to take on the responsibility of championing the concerns, aspirations, and needs of patients in the United Kingdom. This role aligns seamlessly with our core mission of promoting a patient-centric approach to medical cannabis advocacy.

Key Focus Areas

  1. Global Collaboration: We look forward to actively engaging with patient organisations worldwide. By fostering international collaboration, we can share insights, best practices, and advocate for the common goal of improving patient access and rights.
  2. Information Exchange: Our role involves facilitating the exchange of information between patients, organisations, and key stakeholders. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the creation of a well-informed and empowered patient community.
  3. Advocacy and Education: Through our representation, we will advocate for policies that prioritise patient well-being. Education will be a focal point, ensuring that patients are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

The Sanskara Platform CIC’s Commitment

Our journey with the IACM Patients Council is not just about representation; it’s about effecting positive change. The Sanskara Platform CIC is committed to leveraging this opportunity to enhance the dialogue surrounding medicinal cannabis, challenge stigmas, and drive initiatives that benefit patients globally.

We express our gratitude to our supporters, volunteers, and the entire medical cannabis community. Your encouragement has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Together, let’s continue advancing patient-centric approaches to medical cannabis and shaping a more compassionate and informed world.

Empowering Patients, Transforming Lives.

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Use of Prescription Cannabis at Work

The Sanskara Platform and Seed Our Future Co-Author Report with Cannabis Industry Council Urging Employers to Support Prescription Cannabis Patients

07/11/2023 – The Sanskara Platform, in collaboration with Seed Our Future, is pleased to announce the release of an important report addressing the rights of prescription cannabis patients in the workplace. This ground-breaking report, titled ‘The Use of Prescription Cannabis at Work,’ has been authored by Mohammad Wasway, Founder of The Sanskara Platform, and Guy Coxall, Founder of Seed Our Future. It forms a crucial part of the Standards Working Group within the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC).

The report, highlighted by the CIC, reveals a pressing issue affecting prescription cannabis patients and their rights in the workplace. It suggests that current employer practices may put them at risk of breaching the Equality Act. The Act mandates that employers must make reasonable adjustments to accommodate individuals with disabilities, which includes many prescription cannabis patients who often suffer from chronic pain and disabilities.

The CIC’s report underscores the necessity for employers to treat prescription cannabis patients just like any other medical patients, aligning with their legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Report co-authors, Mohammad Wasway and Guy Coxall, expressed their concerns, stating, “We have heard from many concerned and vulnerable patients who have been harassed and mistreated by their employers simply for taking their prescription medication. We urge businesses to support their employees and implement sensible and proportionate solutions that will improve employee wellbeing and productivity.”

Elisabetta Faenza, Chair of the CIC Standards Working Group, emphasised the Council’s commitment to upholding workplace rights for prescription cannabis patients, asserting, “The Cannabis Industry Council will be working with employers and unions to uphold workplace rights for prescription cannabis patients, based on law, medicine, and basic compassion. Many businesses say they are committed to equality, diversity, and inclusivity, yet often underdeliver. Now is the time for employers to step up and support ill and disabled employees.”

The report not only sheds light on the medical context surrounding prescription cannabis but also suggests ways to manage its usage by employees. It includes user-friendly flowcharts and illustrative case studies to help employers navigate this complex issue.

Since 2018, specialist doctors have had the authority to prescribe cannabis medicines to their patients, who are then legally permitted to possess and consume this medication. Employers who fail to uphold the workplace rights of patients, including both employees and job applicants, face the risk of being taken to an employment tribunal.

This report is a significant step towards ensuring that prescription cannabis patients receive fair treatment and protection under the law. It calls upon employers to support their employees’ medical needs and uphold the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace.

Read the report here

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Releaf Report Reveals Limited Access and Lack of Awareness Surrounding Medicinal Cannabis in the UK


Releaf, the UK’s first all-in-one medicinal cannabis e-clinic, has released the findings of its comprehensive report on medicinal cannabis usage in the country. The report, based on a survey of 4,210 respondents, highlights the significant lack of prescriptions and widespread public unawareness of the legal status of medicinal cannabis in the UK. In this blog post, we will delve into the key insights from the report and shed light on the challenges faced by patients and the need for increased awareness and access to this alternative treatment option.

High Eligibility, Low Prescription Rates

The Releaf report reveals that an estimated 50.2% of the UK population, approximately 29.6 million people, could be eligible for a medicinal cannabis prescription. However, only 0.48% of the population has received such a prescription. This significant disparity highlights the limited availability of medical cannabis and the challenges patients face in accessing this potentially beneficial treatment.

Distress and Discomfort of Untreated Conditions

Among the respondents with conditions suitable for medicinal cannabis treatment, 45.6% reported living with significant distress and discomfort. Chronic pain, depression, cancer, and migraines were cited as some of the most prevalent treatable illnesses. These findings emphasise the potential for medical cannabis to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life for individuals living with these conditions.

Lack of Awareness of Legal Status

Despite the legalisation of medicinal cannabis for prescriptions in 2018, the report indicates that 58.5% of respondents were unsure of its legal status in the UK. This lack of awareness contributes to the societal stigma surrounding medical cannabis and inhibits patients from exploring it as a viable treatment option.

Social Stigma and Hesitation

The Releaf report highlights the social stigma associated with medicinal cannabis use. Approximately 34.16% of respondents expressed concerns about using medical cannabis due to the fear of being mistaken for engaging in illegal activities. Moreover, 16.86% of participants worried about disapproval from friends and family, indicating the need for a more open and understanding societal attitude towards this form of treatment.

Medicinal Cannabis Benefits

Medicinal cannabis was legalised in the UK for prescriptions in 2018, and numerous studies have documented its potential to improve symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, and more. Conditions eligible for medicinal cannabis treatment include chronic pain, depression, cancer, and migraines. Data from the Releaf report showed that 19.74% of respondents reported having anxiety, making it the most prevalent diagnosed condition suitable for medical cannabis treatment.

The Call for Awareness and Change

Mason Soiza, founder and CEO of Releaf, emphasises the importance of spreading awareness and challenging negative perceptions surrounding medicinal cannabis. The report reveals that over two-thirds (67.67%) of people would consider using medical cannabis as a treatment option. This highlights the potential benefits associated with medicinal cannabis and the need to change societal beliefs to provide access to those who can clinically benefit from it.

Dr. Stephen D’Souza, Medical Director at Releaf, further stresses the need for additional research on the efficacy of medicinal cannabis and the potential to treat symptoms like depression, migraines, and gut health. With more research, the goal is to spread greater awareness and change public perceptions regarding this alternative form of treatment.

Releaf’s All-in-One Medicinal Cannabis E-Clinic
As part of its campaign, Releaf plans to launch the UK’s first all-in-one medicinal cannabis e-clinic later this summer. The platform offers a wholly online, discreet service for those seeking an assessment for prescription medical cannabis. The unique approach involves video consultations with leading cannabis specialist doctors, offering personalised strains and recommended dosages, and facilitating the prescription process.


The Releaf report highlights the significant lack of prescriptions and public awareness regarding medicinal cannabis in the UK. With a high proportion of the population eligible for this form of treatment, it is crucial to address the barriers to access and reduce the social stigma associated with medical cannabis. By increasing awareness and understanding, the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis can be realised, improving the lives of millions of individuals living with treatable conditions. Releaf’s report serves as a call to action for policymakers, healthcare professionals, and the public to support evidence-based policies and create a more inclusive and informed environment for patients seeking alternative treatment options like medical cannabis.

Note: The information presented in this blog post is based on the findings of the Releaf report and the associated press release. For more details and to access the full report, please visit the Releaf website at

To support The Sanskara Platform with our mission to raise awareness and increase access to medical cannabis, visit our support us page and check out our patient outreach page.

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Cannabis Europa Takes Place as the Cannabis Industry Gains Exponential Global Momentum

Europe’s leading cannabis conference returns to London as adult-use cannabis markets accelerate toward legalization

London, United Kingdom, April 3, 2023 – Changing attitudes towards cannabis, economic forces, and heightened sensitivity of social justice issues are just a few of the factors turning the tide of adult-use legalization in Europe. Sales of legal, adult-use cannabis in Europe are forecast to reach €1.6 billion by 2027, as European adult-use markets in Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Netherlands develop. Over the same period of time, there will be exponential growth of the medical cannabis patient population in countries like France, the UK and Poland, pushing the total number of medical cannabis patients in Europe to an estimated 1.43 million — a 234% increase over the forecast period (2023-2027).

It is amid this backdrop that Cannabis Europa, Europe’s leading cannabis policy event, returns to London on May 2-3, 2023, at the Barbican Centre in London. The annual event will bring together over 1,500 policymakers, industry operators, investors and advocates from over 37 nations to discuss the state of the industry and the global opportunities emerging in the region.

Dorien Rookmaker, MEP for The Netherlands who will appear on the panel “EU Better Believe It,” noted that there are big questions ahead for the industry. “The expanding legalization of the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana has created enormous opportunities worldwide. International standards and improvement of legislation is of high importance. What are the next steps?”

Cannabis Europa will analyze the key drivers of growth for the market, as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Chief among them is the timing of legalization across Europe and how regulations will impact the speed and growth of the market.

“Even if it feels slow, Europe is on its way to create a new way of dealing with cannabis – fair, accessible, but still highly regulated,” said Dirk Heitepriem, Deputy Chairman German Cannabis Industry Association, who will speak on the “State of Play Session: Germany.”

The European cannabis market has historically been more stringent than the U.S. in terms of product diversity and access, even for medical use, and that is unlikely to change even as laws surrounding the substance evolve for safety reasons. Even so, the combined sales of CBD, medical and adult-use cannabis will reach almost €6.5 billion by 2027, according to a forthcoming report from Prohibition Partners, the group behind Cannabis Europa.

“Prohibition seems to be failing completely in the cannabis sector and the market has not only settled down but is also growing. That is why we need to find better instruments of control. A strictly regulated market can regulate what is produced where by whom and how much is sold.

A total ban cannot do this,” explains the Czech National Drug Coordinator, Jindrich Voboril. “A regulated market has a higher potential for prevention of harms.”

The two-day agenda will feature a prestigious group of advocates, innovators, policymakers and investors engaging in meaningful conversations about how to drive this market forward. Ticket prices for the conference begin at £420 for the general 2-day conference and expo ticket. VIP tickets are available for £720 and include a networking breakfast the morning of May 2nd and a drinks reception in the beautiful Barbican Conservatory on May 3rd. Upgraded tickets also include access to an exclusive VIP networking lounge and complimentary food and beverage across both days. If you want to obtain tickets at the lowest price, please click here.

About Cannabis Europa

Since 2018, Cannabis Europa has been the premier cannabis event in Europe, drawing over 1,500 attendees from more than 37 countries for two days of industry insights and networking. At this event, participants have a unique chance to connect with influential leaders from successful cannabis companies, investors who are actively investing in the market, and important policymakers. This potent combination of industry expertise, financial acumen, and political influence is precisely what the European cannabis industry needs to progress. To learn more about Cannabis Europa and register for the event, please visit their website at


MATTIO Communications


We at Sanskara are excited to be attending this event and we are also honoured to be able to offer our community with discount codes for this event. Take part, learn and get involved with the industry.

15Sanskara – 15% Off VIP Tickets

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SANSCON – Concession Tickets

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The Sanskara Platform Joins Forces With The Cannabis Industry Council To Improve Patient Outcomes In The Medical Cannabis Industry

For Immediate Release – 06/02/2023

The Sanskara Platform Ltd. is proud to announce its membership with the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC), the leading organisation representing the UK cannabis sector. With over 100 members covering the entire cannabis supply chain and other industry stakeholders, the CIC is dedicated to improving access to medical cannabis and growing the CBD and hemp markets.

As a patient-led medical cannabis education platform, Sanskara is committed to advancing the medical cannabis industry through education and engagement. The platform offers a range of services, including consultancy, research, and advocacy, to support both patients and industry professionals. With a deep understanding of the medical cannabis community, Sanskara is bridging the gap between patients and the industry to drive positive change and improve patient outcomes.

We’re thrilled to join forces with the Cannabis Industry Council and share their vision for improving access to cannabis for better health, the environment, and the economy,” said Mohammad Wasway, spokesperson for Sanskara. “As active members of the Council, we look forward to contributing to the development of solutions for the sector and advancing our mission to improve patient outcomes in the medical cannabis industry.

Cannabis Industry Council CEO Mike Morgan-Giles also expressed his excitement about the new partnership, “The medical cannabis industry faces many regulatory and policy challenges, and we’re delighted to welcome Sanskara to the CIC. Their decision to join us highlights the growing recognition of the CIC across the sector, and we look forward to their contributions in developing solutions for the industry.

As a member of the CIC, Sanskara will have access to a range of membership benefits, including participation in working groups, event attendance and networking, training, and representation with the government. The CIC’s goal is to raise the profile of the cannabis sector, improve access to medical cannabis, and help grow the CBD and hemp markets.

Join Sanskara and the Cannabis Industry Council in their mission to improve patient outcomes in the medical cannabis industry.

About The Sanskara Platform Ltd

The Sanskara Platform Ltd is a patient-led medical cannabis education platform dedicated to advancing the medical cannabis industry through education and engagement. The platform offers a range of services, including consultancy, research, and advocacy, to support both patients and industry professionals. With a deep understanding of the medical cannabis community, Sanskara is bridging the gap between patients and the industry to drive positive change and improve patient outcomes.

About the Cannabis Industry Council

The Cannabis Industry Council is the leading membership organisation for the entire UK cannabis sector, representing over 100 members covering the entire cannabis supply chain and other industry stakeholders. The CIC is dedicated to improving access to medical cannabis and growing the CBD and hemp markets.

Contact Information: For further information, please contact:

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Understanding The Industry w/ Ananda Developments PLC

UKMCPC Interview

With a licence from the Home Office of the UK Government to grow and stabilise 65 strains of medical cannabis, Ananda Developments’ ambition is to be a leading UK grower and supplier of high quality, consistent, carbon zero medical cannabis. Our strain development research is clinician and patient led to provide confidence for prescribing specialists and consistent patient experience. 

Ananda Developments PLC Logo

We sit and chat with Ananda Development’s Melissa Sturgess and Zinmar Adkin and we ask serious questions about their work for medical cannabis from our patient members of the committee. 

  • How can we get the best results for patients through cultivating medical cannabis in the UK?
  • How is Ananda addressing issues in the market for patients such as quality and consistancy?

To watch the full video follow this link – 

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