Understanding Cannabis Prescriptions w/ Prof. Mike Barnes

The Sanskara Platform asks Professor Mike Barnes questions to understand about Irradiation, The Entourage Effect and Certificate of Analysis, how it is effecting medical cannabis patients in the UK and how we can make improvements from what we understand.

> Irradiation (Is it necessary?, What are the pros and cons?, What are the regulations around it and what do they mean?)

> Entourage Effect (Is it a myth? How can we test it? What can be done to identify it?)

> CoAs (The importance of a CoA, Can and should patients access them? How can we understand them?)

> Patient Rights (Should doctors be informing patients of their rights? What do patients need to know? Can clinics provide forms of ID/Verification to reassure patients, landlords, employers, venue security/management and the police?)

> Clinics/Clinicians (Should clinics be deciding what the doctors prescribe? What can be done to ensure patients have access to all/any products available on the medical cannabis market? Will we see a platform for doctors and patients to access a product directory and live stock updates?)

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